Do you own a nice community on Discord and you want a bot to entertain your members?

-{FunnyBot}- is migrating to slash commands soon! Please reinvite the bot by clicking this.

Click the button below to add it to your server:

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When the bot is installed, you can use all the commands by using the prefix:  Fun

Typing: Fun help will display the help embed about all the commands you can use.

Command descriptions

Fun meme

Shows a meme from Reddit.

Fun joke

This command will randomly pick a joke within a stack of more than 1000 jokes!

Fun food

This command will show a random food image.

Fun howcute @user

For this command you need to specify a member (or you can do it for yourself without mentioning anybody). It will tell the targeted member how cute they are!

Fun howsmart @user

This command is also working with a targeted member. Type the command, mention a member (or not) and see how smart this user is.


Ask anything to the oracle. You may not like what it will answer, but it's a lot of fun.

Fun ping

Tells the delay between -{FunnyBot}- and the Discord API

Fun ghostping @user

With this command you can ping someone without anyone knowing. As soon as the message is sent, the bot deletes the message.

No image here to show you, I told you that the bot is deleting it!

Fun fact

This command is really nice! The command will give you an interesting fact that you probably didn't know.

Fun say 'Message to say' (without the brackets)

This command takes the message that you want to say and converts it to a beautiful embedded message.

Fun pepe

You know pepe? Here's pepe. Well an ASCII version of him.

Fun bubblewrap

Everyone will admit it, there's nothing more satisfying than popping bubble-wrap right? You don't have bubble-wrap at home? Use this command and start popping!

Fun avatar @user

When chatting with friends and you really like their avatar, use this command and it will display a full size version of it.

Fun unicode

What the F... is Unicode? Nothing in common with unicorns 🤣😂  It's a computer science standard that represents all the characters for every country in the world. There are 137 929 characters. This is'nt boring at all, cuz in that standard they also integrated many funny symboles too. Find about Unicode by using that command.

Fun memecat

This command displays meme cat :D

Fun pp @user

Hey, I told you that funny bot was all about fun. You can use the command alone without a mention or by mentioning your friends.

Fun coinflip

If you have a quick decision to take, why not use -{FunnyBot}- and flip a coin to decide!

Fun rps

Everyone on earth probably played at least one game of Rock Paper Scissors. Yep, play against FunnyBot to Rock Paper Scissors!

Fun share

This is the most epic and fun command of all! I worked hard to do all this, if you like it please share it! It would mean a lot to me if you do. Thanks! 😉

Fun cake

This command will show a random cake image. Like, really really good looking cakes. Yummy!

Fun kitty

Hey! Is there someone on earth that doesn't like to see little kitty images? They're so cute, for sure you'll like em!

Fun puppy

If you're not a kitty fan you're probably a puppy fan, huh? Random puppy images provided by FunnyBot and Unsplash.

Fun aww

Shows a cute image from r/aww.

Fun fakeban @user

Fakes a ban.

Fun randomletters <amount>

Just for the fun of it, you can generate a random group of letters. Maybe you want it as your next password! Hahaha, you can change the number of characters by changing the number at the end to something else. (Don't spam though)

Fun website

This command displays information about my website. (the one you're on right now)

Nothing more to show here, stay tuned!