Who am I?: I'm someone that lives in Canada that is passionate about science and technology. I'm particularly interested by computers and robots and my other interests are, astronomy, quantum physics, Apple, Tesla and Discord.

In my spare time, I'm mostly programming. I like to code physical bots and you'll see in my blog many examples of what I've done, including all the source to replicate it.

My second major interest is about virtual bots. I recently started programming Discord bots and I can't stop doing it. It's so fun, interactive and useful! In the last couple of months, I have coded 5-6 bots. My brother, who is a Youtuber and streamer on Twitch, also has is own Discord server. I'm managing all the technical aspects of the server and building new functions for the bot each week.

If like me you are interested by technology and programming, hopefully you'll find some interesting articles on my blog to inspire you!

Feel free to ask me questions! You can reach me on Discord: